Kurt R. Jones Violin Shop, LLC

American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers

Member Directory: Kurt R. Jones

Johnson String Instrument

4/4 Violin Listing 2010

4/4 Cello Listing 2012

Stradivari and Friends: List of Violin Makers – Luthiers

Kurt R. Jones

Puget Sound Area Violin and Bow Makers and Violin Shops

Kurt R. Jones

Musician Profiles

Kate Macleod

I’ve been playing a Kurt Jones violin since 1993. It began with my borrowing it for recording studio work, because I liked it so much better than my own. It eventually became my own, and I will never part with it. This violin proves to be good for all styles that I play including Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass, Old-Time American, and improvisation for original music of my own and other artists.

Visit Kate’s website here for more music clips.

Peter Landeen

Meritage String Quartet


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