Cooking Varnish

Have you ever wondered how varnish is made for musical instruments? One Saturday we decided to cook up some varnish with resin and linseed oil. It’s important to have the oil the right temperature and hold it steady before combining it with the bubbling resin.


Rosewood Limited

This year marks the beginning of strict regulations on importing and exporting rosewood. A lot of this has to do with the demand of the wood in fancy furniture for China’s emerging upper class. However, rosewood has historically been used in building ribs and backs in guitars, and occasionally violins like this one. Rosewood is most commonly used for violin pegs, but that may change as CITES regulations make shipping and selling more difficult.

If you are curious about the limitations on rosewood please read this article in Reverb magazine.

silk patch

Putting in a silk patch for a crack in the back.